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Mary D Stone001.tif
Photograph of the former Mary D. Stone Elementary School on Church Street in Auburn Center.

Bryn Mawr School.JPG
Photograph of the Bryn Mawr Elementary School on Swanson Road.

Photograph of the Bryn Mawr Elementary School on Swanson Road.

Boyce Street School2.tif
Photograph of the former Boyce Street School

Boyce Street School1.tif
Photograph of the Boyce Street School.

Photograph of the Mary D. Stone on Church Street. Named for long time educator Mary D. (Shute) Stone. Built in the 1920s and closed in 2015.

Tuttle Square001.tif
Photograph of the former Tuttle Square School, 41 South Street. Currently home to the Auburn Historical Society and Museum.

Stoneville School001.tif
Photograph of the Stoneville School. Located on Oxford Street North where Stoneville Heights is.

Photograph of the Julia Bancroft School located off Oxford Street North at 3 Vinal Street. The school was named for Julia F. (Knowles) Bancroft, who served on the Auburn School Committee for years until her death in 1920. Dedication of the new school…

Photograph of the Pakachoag School before additions were constructed. Located on Pakachoag Street near the Auburn/Worcester line.
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