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Photograph of the Mary D. Stone on Church Street. Named for long time educator Mary D. (Shute) Stone. Built in the 1920s and closed in 2015.

Auburn High School Band and Majorettes give a halftime performance on the Auburn Athletic Field during a game in the 1950s.

Auburn High School Cheerleaders in 1948.
First row from left to right: Dot Hill, Rita Gallant, Alice Joyce Carlson.
Second row from left to right: Claire Gervais, Sally Oslund.
Back row: Jean Trombley

Auburn High School Senior Prom 1948 picture. The couples are, from front to back, Richard Steelman and Olive Lawson, Donald Smith and Elaine Remilard, and Charlie Buck and Elsa Baker.

The senior class play, performed on December 4 and 5, 1953, was Annie Get Your Gun. It starred Ann Hastings and Ron Peterson.

Auburn High School Majorettes in 1954.
First row from left to right: Audrey Hamill, Charlotte Millay, Gail Barron.
Second row from left to right: Carole Peterson, Arlene Murphy, Beverly Pelletier.

Auburn High School Class of 1955, junior play, The Bashful Bachelor, was performed in 1954 under the direction of Margaret Palmer. The partial cast, first row from left to right: Jean Robitaille, Ann Carlson, Claire Peterson.Second row from left to…

Auburn High School Faculty 1955.
First row from left to right: Margaret Palmer, Isabelle M. Stead, Dorothy R. Mulry, Harriet Brooks, Frances Hogan, Donald W. Goodnow, Mildred L. Young, Rebecca Colokathis, Dorothy Swanson, Mary C. Mannix, Priscilla…

Auburn High School Class of 1955 at their Senior Prom. The event was titled "Crystal Mist."

It is believed that Lucia M. Field was a teacher in the Auburn School System at the beginning of the twentieth century.
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